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House brews

Gethe Sour

Gethe Sour (4,0 % ABV) is a sour cherry flavored with hibiscus flowers. The spice gives the beer a beautiful pink color and soft aromatic nuance. Adolf Erik Gethe, who beer was named, was the adjutant of Captain and Ehrensvärd Suomenlinna in the 18th century. He was an artistically talented painter who has survived valuable work for the future generations.

Seth Lager

Seth Lager (4,7 % ABV) is a reddish lager with malty body made stronger by rye and cheered up by wheat and a long, yet mild finish hops.

Gabriel von Seth (1690-1774) was a good friend of Ehrensvärd, the fortress builder, but also known as a contributor and a gourmet. Bastion Seth still stands in the middle of a verdant herb garden in Suomenlinna.

Chapman Lager

Chapman Lager (5,0 % ABV) is a clean, fresh lager beer. We used American aroma hops to create a tasty, floral and modern finish.

Our lager was named after Fredrik af Chapman, who was a notable admiral and ship builder. His affect in the history of Suomenlinna is unchallenged. He renewed the craft of ship building in many ways.

Piper Wit

Piper Wit (4.7% vol) is a Belgian-style wheat beer. Witbeers are unfiltered top-fermented beers, flavored with coriander and sour orange. In this case also orange is used. Piper Wit is a fresh and drinkable pale wheat beer with aromas of citrus. France,

Ulrika Saison

Ulrika Saison (5,5 % ABV) was brewed as a courtesy to the traditional harvest season beer style, with a modern twist. It tastes perfect in a busy urban setting just as well as on a hot summer's day on the countryside.

Helsinki Porter

Porter is a traditional 1700's beer from London. Finnish porters are inspired by the beers imported from Britain to the Russian emperor's court. To withstand the long sea journey they are a little stronger than the traditional British porters. Helsinki Po

Hoppe IPA

Suomenlinna Brewery's Hoppe IPA (6.0% vol) is dry and fruity, reddish and strongly hopped beer. This drink has received its name from Fredrik Vilhelm Hoppe. Lieutenant Hoppe led the construction work of the fortress of Suomenlinna as a minion of Ehrensvär

Horn IPA

Horn IPA (5,5 % ABV) is a well balanced, bitter IPA. It's hearty malts base is crowned with American aroma hops. 

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