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Toast Skagen 13,90 € / 18,90 €
- Hand peeled shrimps with dill and lemon sauce, smoked roe pickled cucumbers and horseradish toast

Assortment of fish appetizers 17,50 €
- Salmon pastrami, smoked vendace mousse, pickled herring with “Napue”-gin, smoked roe vinegrette, egg, pickled chantarelles and hot dill potatoes

Country-style salad  (L) 11,50 € / 18,90 €
- Salad, marinated tomatoes, needle beans, egg, crispy pork belly, 
  Tilsit cheese, rye chips and Dijon dressing

Salmon and shrimp salad with Caesar sauce 12,50 € / 19,50 €
- Salad, marinated tomatoes, needle beans, egg, rye chips, 
  grilled salmon, hand peeled shrimps, and Caesar sauce

Vegan salad 9,50 € / 15,50 €
- Salad, marinated tomatoes, needle beans, salt roasted walnuts, 
  “blue cheese” cream and raspberry vinaigrette

Traditional Finnish salmon soup 11,50 € / 16,50 €

House green side salad 6,80 € 



Fresh fish of the day price of the day


Crispy beetroot & quinoa patty and smoked tofu 19,50 €
- Pea puree and seasons vegetables


Brewery’s burger  22,50 € 
- 200g finnish black angus patty, bacon and onion compote, finnisf craft cheddar, house made smoked chili ketschup, aioli, pickles, tomatoes and country fries

Also glutenfree or vegetarian burger!


Spicy lamb sausages with Brewery’s porter mustard 19,50 €
- Braised barley with onion and roasted root vegetables


Braised and malt glazed pork cheek with crispy pork belly 23,90 €
- ”Tater Tots”- potato croquettes with parmesan and broccolini


Slightly smoked roast of reindeer calf 29,50 €
- Cèpe mushroom purée and potato terrine with rosemary 

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1.1.24 Lounasbuffet Viaporin Deli&Cafessa

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