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Crayfish menus

Crayfish season starts on 21.7.

We serve Finnish crayfish for the price of the day. The crayfish order must be placed 2 working days before the event. We will ensure availability at the same time. We recommend reserving 5–10 crayfish / person. Minimum order 5 pcs / person.

We serve freshly toasted bread, butter and chopped dill with crayfish. We kindly require a collective menu choice. We consider special diets separately.

Menu prices are quoted without crayfish and recommended drinks. Crayfish unit prices will be updated from 21.7.


We recommend with crayfish:
Resso Cava 44,00 € / 75 cl
Höpken Pils, Suomenlinnan Panimo
Riesling vom Kalkstein 50,00 € / 75 cl     
Aalborg Akvavit 8,00 € / 4 cl
Shaman's Vodka 8,00 € / 4 cl


Menu 1.

Crayfish, toast, butter and chopped dill


Grilled, slow cooked beef neck, lamb sausage BBQ and roasted vegetables


Fried white fish and chanterelle stew


Cheese cake, raspberry and blackcurrant sauce and crispy oats

39,00 € / diner


Menu 2.

Crayfish, toast, butter and chopped dill


Lightly smoked reindeer calf roast, cep cream and red wine sauce


Mud cake, vanilla ice cream and roasted white chocolate

43,00 € / diner


Menu 3. ’Classic’

Crayfish, toast, butter and chopped dill


Sliced and grilled salmon and bacon, chanterelle stew and poached egg


Fresh berries, vanilla ice cream and fudge sauce

44,00 € / diner

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