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Menu, Wines & Beers

Starters (as a starter or main course)

Alku- / pääruokana

Vegan salad (GF, V)

10,50 € / 15,50 €

Salad, marinated tomatoes, needle beans, salt roasted walnuts, “blue cheese” cream and raspberry vinaigrette

Country-style salad (LF)

12,50 € / 19,50 €

Salad, marinated tomatoes, needle beans, egg, crispy pork belly,Tilsit cheese, rye chips and Dijon dressing

Toast Skagen (LF)

14,50 € / 19,50 €

Hand peeled shrimps with dill and lemon sauce, smoked roe and horseradish toast

Traditional Finnish salmon soup (LF, GF)

12,50 € / 17,20 €

Main courses

Fresh fish of the day

Päivän hintaan

Deer sausages with Brewerys porter mustard (LF)

20,50 €

Braised barley with onion and roasted root vegetables

Crispy mushroom and quinoa patty and smoked tofu (V)

21,50 €

Cauliflower purée and basil mayonnaise

Braised and malt glazed pork cheek with crispy pork belly (LF)

24,90 €

Smoked parsnip purée and fried Lapland almond potatoes


Slightly smoked reindeer tenderloin (LF, GF)

32,50 €

Creamy game sauce, cèpe mushroom purée and fried Lapland almond potatoes


Selection of Finnish

10,90 €

Gooseberry compote and caraway crackers

House cheesecake (LF, GF)

9,50 €

Raspberry and backcurrant sauce and caramelized oats

Mud cake flavoured with Helsinki Porter (LF)

9,90 €

Roasted white chocolate and vanilla ice cream

Sugared and icy cranberries (GF, V)

9,90 €

Hot caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream

Ice cream or sherbet portion

7,50 €
  • Vanilla or chocolate ice cream or raspberry sorbet
  • Caramel, chocolate or berry sauce
  • Vegan ice cream also available

Set Menu

Chef's Menu - 49,00 €

49,00 €

Blini served with roe of vendace,soured cream and red onion


Slightly smoked roast of reindeer tenderloin with cèpe mushroom purée


House cheesecake, raspberry and blackcurrant sauce and caramelized oats

News in Finnish

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