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Menu, Wines & Beers

Season’s menu

Traditional buckwheat blini with vendace roe
- Vendace roe 30 g, red onion and sour cream


Roasted whitefish with crab sauce (L, G)
- Stewed potato and white wine poached fennel


Cream cheese cake with raspberry sauce and crispy oats tosca (L, G)

Menu 54,00 €

Chef's menu

Toast Skagen (L, *)
- Hand peeled shrimps with dill and lemon sauce, smoked roe, pickled cucumbers and horseradish toast


Reindeer calf roast with juniper berry sauce (L, G)
- Cep cream and rosemary and potato terrine


Cloudberry pudding, almond cruble and cloudberry broth (L, G)

Menu 57,00 €

Vegan menu

Salad with mint marinated "feta cheese" and crispy quinoa (V, G)
- Marinated "feta cheese", pickled red onion, olive, padron bell pepper and oregano oil


Tofu and black bean patty with roasted broccolini and cashew nut (V, G)
- Spicy tofu and black bean patty, tomato salsa, roasted broccolini and cashew nut purée


Chocolate brownie and vegan ice cream (V, G)
- Star anise spiced berry jam

Menu 42,00 €

News in Finnish

1.1.24 Lounasbuffet Viaporin Deli&Cafessa

Ilahduta ystävää, perheenjäsentä tai kollegaa. Tilaa maukas lahjakortti, joka muistetaan.

Lahjakorttitilaukset tästä.