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Brewery's blinis 9.1. - 30.3.2019

Our blini pans are hot!

Come and enjoy seasons number one delicaties at Brewery. Our blinis are traditionally made with soured buckwheat dough and fried crispy. We use some Höpken pils beer to lighten our blinis.

Traditional, crispy buckwheat blini with:

As a starter
Russian pickles, honey and soured cream

Roe of vendace, smoked vendace mousse, soured cream and red onions            

Smoked goose breast from Hauhala, red onion marmalade, pickled chanterelle mushrooms and soured cream 

Salmon pastrami, soured cream, red onion and cold smoked roe of rainbow trout

Shrimps “Skagen”, pickled cucumbers and marinated red onion

Extra blini              

As a main course

Blini feast: selection of toppings with as many blinis that you can eat!
Roe of vendace, smoked vendace mousse, smoked goose breast, salmon pastrami, Russian pickles, soured cream and red onion

Our blinis and toppings are lactose-free. Blinis are also available as gluten-free.

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